The management team at PES boasts over 100 years experience in telecommunications, however it is PES’s investment in attracting and retaining subject matter experts across the core telecom/IT service categories that is the catalyst behind PES’s success for our clients. PES has assembled a team that is properly aligned with our value proposition of RESULTS DRIVEN SERVICES.

PES has “in house” expertise in IP Applications (Cloud, SIP, HVOIP), “Big Data” Management, Call Center Technologies, 8XX Global Cloud Based IVR, Local services including UNE-P services, Domestic and Global Wireless/Mobility services, WEM and MDM, VPN and MPLS/VPLS networking and DATA Center Design and Migration services. Compliance services including PCI DSS, ISO/IEC Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

In addition the PES back-office delivery center is competent in 14 languages, effectively making PES a Global provider of our TEM and WEM services. It is this in house subject matter expertise coupled with our exclusive analytics package that drives RESULTS for our customers. Effectively the entire PES team becomes an extension of our customer’s team and is able to fully understand our customer’s goals and objectives.

PES is in the savings business and utilizes technology and internal resources to achieve results for our clients. While our competitors are in the technology business, where results are not the core initiative. PES views technology as a tool towards savings, but it’s the investment into our teams experience and knowledge that drives savings and our continued success one client at a time.

The management team at PES is committed to under promising and over delivering continued results for our clients, it is this focus and commitment that has lead to 80% of PES’s customers coming from satisfied customer referrals.